5 tricks for reviving a sunburned face so that it doesn’t become dull and doesn’t sting the skin

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In summer like this, many people are exposed to just a little bit of the sun and have symptoms of sunburn. The whole face burns, the body burns, and the whole body feels irritated because of the strong sun. During the summer in Thailand, it is extremely scorching! Today we have a trick for reviving sunburned facial skin. You will get rid of the burning sensation on your skin. Reduce redness and peeling of the face and dull from the sun. What should I do? Let’s write it down!

5 tricks for reviving a sunburned face so that it doesn't become dull and doesn't sting the skin

5 tricks to revive a sunburned face so that it doesn’t dull the skin and doesn’t sting the skin

1.Apply ice to reduce heat buildup.
Newly sunburned skin You will feel a burning sensation. Because there is accumulated heat. Therefore, you should reduce the accumulated heat by using ice to compress the burning area. It should have a soft towel. Cover the ice cubes. Do not rub ice directly on your face. Because it may cut the ทางเข้า ufabet skin that is weakened. If anyone can’t find ice And there is a mineral water spray with you. You can spray it first to fix it.

2.Apply aloe vera to relieve red, burning skin. After the skin begins to release heat Look for aloe vera. The fresher it is, the better. Apply it to sunburned skin. Reduce inflammation and red stinging skin Using aloe vera as a compress will cool the skin. To relieve red and inflamed skin.

3.Facial mask with cucumber revitalizes the skin.
You should also make regular face masks with fresh cucumbers. By putting it in the freezer to keep it cool and juicy. Then come and mask all over your face. Especially in areas that are burned by the sun. It will help reduce inflammation and make the skin fresher, not dry and stinging.

4.Apply medicine to cure sunburned
 . Ask a pharmacist at the drugstore. To buy medicine to treat sunburned skin, such as Hydrocortisone Cream, which should be used no more than 2%, and if there is swelling, redness, or blisters, you may take anti-inflammatory medicine as provided by the pharmacist. Or going straight to the doctor is even better.

5.Nourish with cream for weak or inflamed skin.
In addition, you should have a nourishing cream that helps reduce inflammation, weak skin, or redness. There are many brands of cosmetics that have properties that reduce skin inflammation and add moisture to the skin. Most of them are formulated for sensitive skin. Therefore, you should apply it to prevent the skin from burning, drying, and peeling. Until the skin recovers back to normal.

It’s a simple skin care trick, right? You girls can install it in your home. Whenever you have to go out in the strong sun, especially during this summer, your skin is guaranteed to be revitalized. It’s not difficult for your skin to come back soft, beautiful, and healthy. If you want techniques for treating sunburned skin. You can click below to see more information.