Neymar was carried off the field crying, likely to rest for a long time.

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Neymar, striker of the Brazilian national team Had to be carried off the field in a 0-2 loss to Uruguay with an injury that looked quite serious.

In the case of Brazil ‘s 0-2 defeat to Uruguay this morning, it was found that Neymar, the superstar striker from Al-Hilal, had to be carried off the field. With an injury problem that looks quite serious Until the person was unable to hold back his tears.

Neymar was carried off the field crying, likely to rest for a long time.

Neymar remains an important member of La Selecao’s current team. Even after moving from Paris Saint-Germain to play in the Saudi Pro League with Al-Hilal.

However, it looks like Al-Hilal will be without Neymar for a while due to a knee injury the player sustained in injury time in the loss to Uruguay.

Many media reports agree that it is Another “severe knee problem” for the 31-year-old star player after being tackled by local player Nicolas de la Cruz.

“Hopefully it won’t be serious,” Brazil captain Casemiro said after the game. “He’s an important player for us. We have a สมัคร ufabet team with him at the core. In the past, he had encountered serious pain problems, but when he started to get into his groove again. Let’s get even more injured.”

As for Casemiro, who was previously reported to have been injured in the 1-1 draw with Venezuela. He was able to play all 90 minutes for Brazil in Uruguay. Therefore, he should be ready to help Manchester United enter the field this weekend as usual. Unless you are tired from a long journey.