FIFA president criticized for referring to workers building the World Cup stadium

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Is that right! Gianni Infantino, president of the International Football Federation. After commenting that Migrant workers building the World Cup stadium. It was infringed upon has been compensated with dignity. The pride that has worked.

Foreign news agencies Reports that Gianni Infantino. President of the International Football Federation (Fifa) made the comments at a business meeting at united states. Until becoming a conflict about migrant workers in Qatar. 

Previously, there were news reports that During the construction of the 2022 World Cup Stadium in Qatar have migrant workers. Thousands of people died during construction work. This raises questions about safety standards. He general conditions for these workers.

But Gianni Infantino said. His parents emigrated from Italy. Switzerland which may be viewed at a distance. That is not very far. But still When you give someone a job to earn money. Even in difficult conditions You have given dignity and pride upon him.

Gianni Infantino had previously been blamed for saying. The World Cup every two years could stop African migrants from dying at sea. We have to find a way to unite the world to give Africans hope. So they don’t have to cross the Mediterranean to find a better life. Perhaps died at sea We must give opportunity honor not by charity. But give other parts of the UFABET world participates.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said migrant workers gain pride from hard work. When he was questioned on Monday. About workers suffering in Qatar while building World Cup infrastructure.

Despite the abuses Infantino claimed workers. The chance to construct stadiums for this year’s tournament in the Gulf nation. The Milken Institute in Los Angeles. If FIFA would use its profits to make any sort of commitment’ to help families of workers died in Qatar.