Crouch + Owen Confirmed that this footballer must have started the final of the Champions League of Swans

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Peter Crouch and Michael Owen, two former Liverpool forwards, confirmed the same. This player must have started for the Reds in the UEFA Champions League final.

Peter Crouch and Michael Owen see Luis Diaz as a guaranteed starting line-up for Liverpool‘s Champions League final later this month. After showing excellent form in the game against Villarreal in the semi-finals Last night (Tuesday, May 3, 2022), before this game, the Reds had a 2-0 advantage after winning in the first leg. But they were 2-0 down at half-time of the second leg thanks to goals from Boulay Dia and Francis Coquelin.

         And that prompted Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp to alter his tactics by bringing in Diaz in place of Diogo Jota in their offensive line at half-time. And sending Diaz down proved to be a very important action. Because of the speed and splendor of his game, he can disturb Villarreal’s defenders very well. The Colombia international was also able to score in the game alongside Fabinho and Sadio Mane and gave the Reds a 5-2 aggregate victory.

          When it comes to the impact of the football players signed in January Crouch and Owen both burst into praise of Diaz. “He’s great. as soon as he came down He was causing a nuisance to the players. He was a complete game changer,” the Sportsmail columnist told BT Sport . He has to start He came to power the dressing room. I spoke to Jurgen about him and he said he enjoys his football every day.”

         Another ex-Liverpool striker, Owen, echoed Crouch’s sentiments, stating : “I’ve never seen a player as ready and eager to start over as he is. Different leagues, not speaking his language, learning how Liverpool play so quickly is incredible. He will definitely start the finals.”

         Diaz joined Anfield from Porto in January in an initial £37.5million deal and while he has been in England for just a few months , Rio Ferdinand believes he is a ‘one -stopper’. Signing the best contract of the UFABET season “Diaz is a difference maker,” he said . He came down and no one could resist him. His dribbling, how he scares defenders, his tactics. He is definitely one of them.”

It’s not just BT Sport‘s game analysts who have praised the 25-year-old, his team-mates Andrew Robertson and Virgil van Dijk have also spoken positively. “He is special. We have helped him as much as we can. We try to keep him working at full strength. He’s a special player. He fits us perfectly with the desire to win,” said Robertson, with Van Dijk adding: “The way he plays one-on-one is amazing.” “It doesn’t matter who he fights with. He just attacked them. if he loses the ball He will try to get the ball back immediately and go again. It’s very difficult to prevent.”

         However, it can be seen that Diaz even had the water after the end of this game that he was a hero and was able to lead the team through to the Champions League final successfully, despite having only recently arrived at Anfield. month