Bournemouth’ slashed ‘Forest’ to be promoted to the top two leagues

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Bournemouth became the second side. After Fulham to win promotion back to the English Premier League next season. After a 1-0 home win over Nottingham Forest to secure the runners-up title. The English Championship season 2021-2022.

Two teams have been promoted to the English Premier League to be exact. After Bournemouth defeated Nottingham Forest narrowly 1-0 on Tuesday. This past May, causing ‘The Jungle’ to catch up with points. Because there is only 1 match left.

Previously Fulham had just guaranteed the EFL Championship title on Monday. May 2 with a 7-0 home demolition of Luton Town had a ticket to play in the top-flight league. The only good team ever since. Late April Because the points are far from the 3rd place. Which has to play the play-offs enough that they can’t catch up

So there is 1 quota left for automatic promotion. Finally, it was the Cherries who opened the field as Dean Court slashed to a 1-0 win over Forest with a goal from Wales striker Keefer Moore, which resulted in 85 points from kick-off. 45 games, six points clear of third-placed opponents, with just one match remaining, leading to a runner-up in the Championship and being promoted to the second team after two seasons of decline.

As for the remaining 1-seat quota, it will be a race between the four teams that finished 3-6. The latest in the second league table after 45 games , Forest and Huddersfield have equal 79 points. Got a playoff for sure. The other two teams will compete between fifth-placed Sheffield United with 72 points, equal to 6th-ranked Luton Town, while seventh-ranked Middlesbrough with 70 points are still in contention . ll ranked 8 with 69 points, a small win 

As for the final program to kick off on Saturday, May 7, Sheffield United host Fulham, champions of the 2021-2022 season, Luton Town playing in the nest against Reading ,  Middlesbrough. They will visit Preston and Millwall will visit Bournemouth, runners-up for the 2021-2022 season UFABET.