Ask the boat first! ‘Salah’ hopes to clear the eyes of ‘white clothes’ in the Champions League final

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Mohamed Salah strikes the goal. No one said they wanted to meet Real Madrid in the final of the UEFA Champions League. To revenge had lost before after Liverpool waited first from breaking to beat Villarreal 3-2 on aggregate 5-2 in the semifinals.

Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah insists he wants to face Real Madrid in the Champions League final in hopes of clearing up a win. Having suffered a defeat in the 2018 final and the mummified star was unable to finish the UFABET game. After being knocked down by Sergio Ramos with a shoulder injury in the first half.

The Reds army went through to stand and wait at the Stade de France in Paris France on Saturday. May 28 as the first team after defeating Villarreal in a slightly scary place. because being led before two goals in the first half But came to speed up the chase to win 3-2, the total score collapsed 5-2

Asked who he would like to face in the final, the Egyptian striker revealed: “I would love to play with Madrid , I’ll be honest. City are a really strong team. We’ve played with them a few times this season. If you ask me personally, I like Madrid more, we lost them in the final. I want to meet them And hopefully we can win.” 

Despite not being able to score in the game, Salah was instrumental in the team’s first goal as he received the ball back and returned to Fabinho ‘s shot into the box at the first post. which this star player jokingly said Might have to play more selfishly in the last few weeks. because he wanted to shoot to reach the target 

“At the start of the season I know what I want personally and collectively for the team. I have high expectations for myself. Before the season I said 40 goals and 10 or 15 assists, now I have 15 assists, 30 goals left now. I have to focus on scoring. Trent Alexander-Arnold It’s probably annoying that I have the most assists in the Premier League. But I will do everything for the team,” Salah joked.